Zone Out is a peer mentoring / peer education project based in Glasgow that works with socially and economically disadvantaged groups and individuals to help them overcome their social exclusion and participate in a more inclusive society.

It was formed in 2012 with the objective to support disadvantaged groups. It supports the integration into society to all of those who have experienced social and economic exclusion, due to discriminatory criteria's and to the lack of of equal access to education, training and professional development. We work across Scotland to allow disadvantaged young people to become confident to deliver education and information sessions to their peers on issues relevant to disadvantaged young people.


To create and implement specific mechanisms that facilitates equal access to resources and opportunities for personal and professional development.


To develop an inclusive society that values and develops visibility, autonomy, responsibility and participation of all its members.


  • To promote non formal education as a tool for personal and professional development
  • To create network and partnerships with national and international organisations and institutions
  • To facilitate know how transfer between NGOs in this country and other countries
  • To conduct research that contributes to the spread of social inclusion
  • To develop a greater involvement in sporting activities to enhance the physical and metal well being of individuals and groups