The Learning Alliance Scotland (LAS) are delivering a SQA Qualification in peer mentoring and peer education. Level 4 and Level 7 customised award.

Starting in April 2018 we will deliver the 10-week course in Good Practice in peer mentoring support the course consists of 10 full days training and participants will also have to complete additional work to demonstrate course competencies.

To accommodate as many learners as possible the course is being run on a Thursday with a parallel option running on the consecutive Saturday and will be delivered in our SQA Learning Centre in East Dunbartonshire.

Formal assessment process includes, written work, group discussion, observations. There is also a requirement to be able to evidence work with someone you could be involved with in a peer mentoring relationship. All work is subject to external verification.

The course is a stand-alone course or can completed as part of our overarching award Effective Mentoring and Peer Education. This award has 3 Units each comprising of 80 hours direct learning and can either be delivered singularly or collectively. Each unit is offered at 2 levels, Level 4 and Level 7 which allows for different individuals to be targeted.

  • Unit 1 - Good Practice in Peer Mentoring Support
  • Unit 2 - Practice Development in Peer Mentoring
  • Unit 3 - Alternative Models in Peer Mentoring Support and Education

All the Units are delivered over 10 days and require additional course work to evidence practice. The cost for each Unit is below:

  • Costs of Unit Award Staff £320
  • Costs of Unit Award Volunteers £100

LAS is an informal conglomeration of several TSI's and organisations working with young people and adults to ensure the learning is transferable between organisations.

To find out more about the course and discuss which the level you may be interested in and dates of direct learning then contact us on 0131 608 0019 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.