As part of our on going work with Romania we want to offer Scottish young people with a history of poor mental health the opportunity to volunteer in Romania and work in solidarity with other young people who have experienced discrimination.

Impact young people

  • Develop an understanding of different views and belief patterns and interact in a respectful non discriminatory way.
  • Raise personal expectations and aspirations about oneself.
  • Maintain optimum mental health and reduce worry and isolation
  • Develop an altruistic attitude which allows the participant to realise than s/he can assist others in similar circumstances.
  • Develop a sense of self worth and self belief which will enhance future chances of employment.
  • Develop the ability to work as a team and contribute to a project that encourages joint working
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Develop a greater understanding of wider equality issues and have expanded their ideas of solutions to tackle these inequalities .
  • Be reaffirmed in their own identity and encourage others to challenge negative stereotypes

This project wants to provide short term placements to Scottish participants who will travel to Romania and volunteer along side 15 Romanian Roma young people and provide sporting opportunities to younger Roma children and young people and other excluded children in the community, as a means of engaging them into our partner’s pre-school programme.

Given the high support needs of the Scottish volunteers a team of Scottish 5-6 mentors will
accompany the volunteers.. This allows us to wok on a 1:3 ratio where the mentor can support and encourage their respective volunteers in the challenging tasks ahead and can also support the volunteers with the responsibilities of group living.